It makes sense to utilise bed space as much as possible – after all, your bed is the biggest piece of furniture you are likely to have in your bedroom – taking up the most amount of floor space – and just using that amount of space for sleeping can seem crazy (especially if you have a small bedroom to start with).Now – you may say that simply adding in storage boxes under the bed works just fine  but it really is far from ideal.
One can get so sick of having to be a contortionist and do that funny commando crawl to get to one last lone box from under the bed, only to find when you managed to get out (crawling backwards is HARD!), a layer of dust that had been quite happy to be forgotten about completely over the years had managed to migrate all over the boxes and often onto whatever was in the box as well…. yuck!
Let’s face it – under the bed is definitely one of those areas that doesn’t get a weekly clean as it tends to be an out of sight out of mind mentality – and who can pull a bed out easily?! (in most house under the beds are lucky to see a hoover seasonally). It’s simply too hard to move such a large piece of furniture, and when things are hard we simply don’t do them as often as we probably should.






Side Drawer



Front Drawer




Ways for maximising your storage – You can buy under bed boxes that fit under most beds
Guest rooms can have hidden storage –Its not needed on a regular basis, but is readily available when we do need it – and guests don’t have to see everything. In fact, they don’t even know that the bed has storage in it as it is not obvious at all.
Storage Beds work great in Master bedrooms – Master bedrooms work well as some storage beds can be quite high up which gives the bed more prominence in the room, and also then gives more storage (again great for out of season clothes or large collections of handbags and shoes!).
They can create hidden storage from whoever you need! -They are a great hidden place when you have small children as you can hide presents etc… from little eyes. (try and not let them see that the bed has storage in it and it will be a winning hiding place for years to come!) It’s also a great place to store things when you’re on holiday as they are less likely to be found if you get broken into.
They avoid too much furniture in a room -They stop you having to have a large cupboard or chest of drawers in the room – thus freeing space and helping you to become more visually clutter free.
They take away the need for crawling to find things -They are MUCH easier to get hold of things that you have stored there. A lot of beds have a mechanism that lifts the mattress with minimal effort from you – and you can choose whether you want a bed that’s hinged from the side or the headboard.
They stop dust reaching your stuff much more effectively than boxes under a normal bed.
Have we sold you on the idea yet!?