KIWA is a collection of rare furniture concepts that come to you from the house of Nataraj Appliances having extensive all India presence. A Legacy of trust and Customer promise since three decades. Over the 10 years our invention team at Kiwa has mastered the art of style , ideation, space utilization , and above all sincer assesment of customer expectations.


We see furniture and interior ambience as a critical means. A means to enhance the human experience. We think of spaces as places where humans experience emotion. Where they achieve creative breakthroughs. Where they celebrate lives and comfort one another. Where performance is both performed and witnessed. Where memories are born.


Kiwa Craftsmanship offers you unmatched premium furniture, be it living or office needs. We work in the production and installation of furniture-grade products with great attention to detail, which is deeply vouched for by our customers.


Our High tech fully loaded plant at Ahmedabad India, is equipped with state of the art plant which makes Kiwa a 100% self reliant Brand from Concept to commissioning. Whatever your expectations in furniture , installations and interiors, be it conventional or modular, we deliver seamlessly, from latest trends to traditional concepts, incorporating new and exciting products and features. Our specially trained dedicated service forceĀ  ensures our customersā€™ satisfaction. meets to the Team Kiwa work together with the help of dedicated employees to create what we do best, with excellence and supreme quality, as our trademark.


In these past decades, Kiwa has been working endlessly to expand into the High end markets. Be it Home, Corporate or Institutional. With exceptional designs and our professional one-stop project service, Kiwa products and services are now recognized internationally by individuals , institutions, contractors, project professionals, and building design companies across flat India , and Internationally.


Browse our wide selection of Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, Sofas, Beds, Dining Table Sets, T.v.units and Study table etc, thepossibilities are endless.


Gift your hopes an uncompromising touch and feel, at prices well within your reach. You can acquire furniture products carved out of solid wood material or several modular options or choose from various designs and features to match your requirements.

Modular Kitchen

  • Designs are based on the client’s need, personality, mood and lifestyle.
  • Ergonomically correct to cater various age and height segments.
  • Sturdy cabinets and quality fitting from pioneers in the field.
    every client’s.
  • Termite and Water Resistant Materials.
  • Durable, easy to clean – maintain and stain free worktops, ensuring the long lastin functionality and looks.
  • Makes you totally free from carpentry hassles at home.
  • KIWA Modular Kitchens are produced in a ISO 9001:2008 certified company having latest German Wood Work Machines.

Modular Furniture

  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Assemble or Disassemble
  • Made from 17mm both side Pre Laminated tough board with
    Edge- band on all sides
  • Ample Storage Capacity
  • Modular – Dowel & Minifix assembly technology with Clamping
  • Perfect Finishing – Made on lmported Machinery
  • Sturdy – Durable & Long Lasting
  • Economical & Elegant